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  • Australiana: An Open-Ended Question

    Australiana: An Open-Ended Question

    by Arleen Wilcox I come home from a friend’s birthday dinner and collapse on the couch. Socialising can be exhausting as it is, but the nights when every interaction with a stranger starts with a “So, where are you from?” hit harder. This question might not sound like much of a big deal and it’s […]

  • A Man Like Luai

    A Man Like Luai

    A Man Like Luai by University of Melbourne student Ellena Savage is the winner of the Tharunka Non-Fiction Writing Competition 2012. Tharunka would like to thank the judges Lisa Pryor, Jason Whittaker and Matthew Thompson. It is May, 2009. A cold, clear night; frost will set over the tips of lawns before dawn. I wait […]

  • Something Happened: Why People Smugglers Are (Economic) Heroes

    Something Happened: Why People Smugglers Are (Economic) Heroes

    It’s always been an economic argument. Watching news columnists crow about the 180 degree turn the ALP has taken over offshore processing you’d think the Report of the Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers was some kind of odious domesday book-esque document cataloguing the horrors of the human soul. Most of the findings are pretty bleak, […]

  • If I Ruled the World: Edward J. Blakely

    Nation-states are new. Germany and Italy are only 19th century inventions cobbling together very resistant duchess into a single country with a flag and borders. Until nation state erupted all over the world there was few border guards or minefields and fences curtailing movement of people anywhere in the world. True, a few enterprising dukes […]

  • Something Happened: Tertiary Education & White Supremacy

    Normally you’d open Tharunka and read this article expecting some analysis of the current US electoral cycle and US politics, the republican nomination and the rest but, honestly, not much has happened in the past few weeks so I’ve decided to drift off onto another topic. One thing a lot of people don’t really know […]

  • Opinion: Seeking Shelter from the Refugee Storm

    The High Court of Australia has ruled Julia Gillard’s proposed ‘Malaysia swap deal’ unconstitutional and boat people continue to be smuggled into Australian waters. A local Auburn resident who has been caught up in the political refugee storm is left wondering, why all the fuss? Maya* sought refuge with her family eight years ago in […]