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  • Franco’s Legacy and the Silence Behind Spain’s “Disappeared”

    The death toll of Spain’s civil war and the subsequent forty-year dictatorship that ruled the country is still debated, but estimate figures rest between 150,000 and 200,000 people. Many, if not most, of those bodies still lay in mass graves, unidentified, and those who participated in mass executions, street killings, and illegal imprisonment under Franco’s…

  • Burma Opening

    Burma – or Myanmar as of 2005 – is a country in reform, however the nature of those reforms remains unclear. Many hope to finally see free and fair elections on April 1st, while others are still sceptical that a country for so long plagued by tyranny will be able to take such a path.

  • Opinion: The Crime of Mandatory Detention and the Struggle for Refugee Rights

    The UNSW Anti-Racism Club welcomes the High Court’s decision to overturn the government’s racist Malaysian deal at the end of August. The 330 refugees awaiting deportation on Christmas Island had a brief moment of relief when the High Court passed down its decision. This decision is a tribute to the lawyers who took up the…