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  • An Interview with Julie Koh

    An Interview with Julie Koh

    Lychee Lui sat down with Julie Koh, the author of Capital Misfits and Portable Curiosities, to discuss writing inspirations, the self-help genre, K-pop and Hollywood film scores.   Who are your biggest writing inspirations?  There have been too many to name here. In the early years when I was aiming at writing dark bedtime stories…

  • On the benefits of teen-girl rebellion

    On the benefits of teen-girl rebellion

    The teen girl dystopian protagonist archetype is not only realistic; but has positive real-world consequences.

  • Tethered Skies

    Tethered Skies

    by Aileen Wang I keep the skies on a tight leash these days. No going out beyond my window. Of course, they play against me in little tricks anyway, turning indignant reds by sunset, or sullen greys by day, and only rarely pulling the curtain back to reveal a shining, robin’s-egg blue. For the most…

  • A Deserving Father – Part 1

    A Deserving Father – Part 1

    By Giulia Mastrantoni Content warnings: non-explicit spousal abuse and death. That very morning, he had wondered whether it would rain or be reasonably sunny. He always asked himself that question first thing as he woke up. His reason to be concerned with the weather was that it would determine what vêtements1 he would pick, what…

  • “Wholesome Heterosexual Literature” – Shit People Say About Dorian Gray

    Gabriel Hanrahan-Lawrence “Dorian Gray isn’t a gay book.” I have to resist the urge to laugh in her face, and I manage to tone it down to a breathless giggle. “It was used as evidence of Wilde’s ‘sexual perversion’ in court. It’s pretty damn queer.” The girl shakes her head, brow furrowed. She is resolute.…

  • SRC Approves Plans for Monorail

    The UNSW Student Representative Council (SRC) voted last night to approve a bid to purchase the Sydney Monorail if it placed on auction after its deconstruction. The plan would cost the University of New South Wales Student Association $1.2 million dollars.