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Tethered Skies

A photograph of the sky in a state of transition between sunshine and a storm. The left of the image is yellow, gold, and pink. THe right of the image is grey, dark blue, and purple.

by Aileen Wang I keep the skies on a tight leash these days. No going out beyond my window. Of course, they play against me in little tricks anyway, turning indignant reds by sunset, or sullen greys by day, and only rarely pulling the curtain back to reveal a shining, …

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A Deserving Father – Part 1

a photograph of a cobblestone street, with a fence on its left side and trees surrounding it. a pink scard is in the foreground, floating.

By Giulia Mastrantoni Content warnings: non-explicit spousal abuse and death. That very morning, he had wondered whether it would rain or be reasonably sunny. He always asked himself that question first thing as he woke up. His reason to be concerned with the weather was that it would determine what …

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SRC Approves Plans for Monorail

The UNSW Student Representative Council (SRC) voted last night to approve a bid to purchase the Sydney Monorail if it placed on auction after its deconstruction. The plan would cost the University of New South Wales Student Association $1.2 million dollars.

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Anti-Trend: Your Source For What’s Hip-O-Critical!

If you’re bored of weaving caveats for children in developing nations out of recycled newspaper, learning the tenets of Hinduism from the Qu’ran or just want something to vlog about before it gets down the clothesline, then Wankie has just the gluten-free vegan cupcake for you. If you haven’t already …

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Kitty Kat

Each week, Wankie heads out to the COFA campus at Paddington to have a chat with one of the cool cats of art school. This edition’s featured kid is Wallacia Horn-Matton, a third year undergrad in the new discipline of Performative Aesthetics (haven’t heard about this one yet? It’s a …

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