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  • Casual racism

    Casual racism

    People props are bad enough, but when they are there to encompass a culture that does not actually consist purely of people in bright colored tights and suspenders, we have a little issue. These identical expressionless girls were described as ‘clumsiest attempt to appropriate Japanese culture and fashion since Gwen Stefani’s ill-advised Harajuku phase back…

  • When culture became a costume at Goldstein College

    When culture became a costume at Goldstein College

    Several students have recently made complaints about Goldstein College’s “El Dorado Week”, held during O-Week this year. Goldstein College students were seen dressed up as Mexicans throughout the week in the celebrations. Common costume items included sombreros, moustaches, ponchos and face paint in tribal styles. All 150 student residents at Goldstein College have been given…