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Green Thoughts #2: Investing Into Publicly Owned Renewable Energy

Green Thoughts is a new column by the UNSW Environment Collective. The Environment Collective is a group of students from UNSW who believe in collective action on climate change. Here are some stories written by our members which try and grapple with the systemic issues driving the climate crisis, from colonialism …

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How COVID-19 Exacerbated Inequality Amongst Students

By Micah Emma Chan The COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the globe causing catastrophic economic impacts and relentless strain on healthcare systems. The profound repercussions of the current situation have exposed the underlying injustices within our society.  Closer to home, the pandemic has unveiled the growing and acutely underestimated …

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What the economic shutdown means for Australian workers: will this be Australia’s highest unemployment rate since 1932?

By Noha Tsor With the shutdown of non-essential services, and more extreme social distancing regulations being implemented as the days progress, Australia is undoubtedly heading towards its first recession in 28 years. As Sydney Morning Herald’s Economist Editor, Ross Gittins labels it; “coronacession”. Perhaps the most adverse impact of this …

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