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Laughing at Youssef

For most people, public speaking is up there with Death on the list of things we fear. It is also pretty safe to say that any type of improvised public speaking is even more likely to produce beads of sweat on anyone’s brow. Not Susie Youssef. After spending the last …

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Review: Woody Allen: A Documentary & Marley

According to Carl Jung, neurotics are well-adjusted people preoccupied with the meaning of their existence. The popular manifestations of the characters inhabited by filmmaker Woody Allen and late reggae musician Bob Marley no doubt occupy polar ends of the neurotic spectrum. Allen – “I’m not afraid of death, I just …

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Preview: Am I Good Friend?

Am I Good Friend? is a live scientific experiment in which Yve Blake tries her best to measure her ‘friendability’. This new one-woman show uses ‘life-data’ from her real life along with homemade music, truth and some arts & crafts to gauge how good a friend Yve really is. She …

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