• Poor accessibility at COFA

    Poor accessibility at COFA

    A recent Tharunka investigation into accessibility for mobility-impaired students on the College of Fine Arts (COFA) Campus has found several outstanding problems that need to be addressed. COFA students with mobility impairment are finding it difficult to get around the campus. Amy Mills, a COFA Councillor and Disability Officer – who also has mobility impairment…

  • Students Left Out of COFA Redevelopment

    Unheralded delays on the redevelopment of the Arc common room at the newly reopened College of Fine Arts (COFA) campus have left students without a distinct, Arc-owned common room for the foreseeable future.

  • Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat

    Each week, Wankie heads out to the COFA campus at Paddington to have a chat with one of the cool cats of art school. This edition’s featured kid is Wallacia Horn-Matton, a third year undergrad in the new discipline of Performative Aesthetics (haven’t heard about this one yet? It’s a new Pop-up Stream that will…

  • A Red Badge of Courage: The COFA Redevelopment

    A Red Badge of Courage: The COFA Redevelopment

    With a campus that has been under redevelopment for the last two years, the College of Fine Art is set to open its new doors as Gateway@COFA in March 2013. But at what cost has this been to students? With complaints from students that the university has been “misleading” and reports of “low morale” on…

  • University Fails to Deliver on Graduate Outcomes for FBE Students

    University Fails to Deliver on Graduate Outcomes for FBE Students

    Tharunka investigates architecture student’s concern that the university and the Faculty of the Built Environment (FBE) are falling short in their commitment to provide an acceptable education for their students. Many students, when asked about their degree will be likely to have some criticism of certain aspects of the teaching, or subjects, as student preferences, strengths…

  • Review: COFA Annual 2011

    I passionately unenrolled from COFA a few years ago. Frustrated with the lack of technical training and the ‘art is anything and everything’ attitude, I sailed to the promising shores of the Julian Ashton Art School. Swapping the glossy studios of COFA for the creaky floors of Ashton’s was the best decision I made as…