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  • Inner West book club hails Scott Morrison’s interpretation of Sartre

    Inner West book club hails Scott Morrison’s interpretation of Sartre

    Ammy Singh [twitname]ammyed[/twitname] A book club in Sydney’s Inner West has lauded Scott Morrison as a savant following the Minister’s comments on the seminal philosophical work of Jean Paul Sartre, ’Being and Nothingness’. The Minister for Border Protection and Immigration was in Newtown this week with NSW Premier Mike Baird, jointly unveiling a new childcare…

  • Baking With Bronwyn!

    Baking With Bronwyn!

    Lauren McCracken  Joining us for her regular dessert column is glass ceiling smasher and crazy old deadwood, Bronwyn Bishop. This week, the outspoken monarchist, evidence ignorer and racist lady teaches us how to make her famed Cheesecake Of No Confidence. Step 1. Take your COMCAR to your nearest David Jones Food Hall for a quick…

  • My favourite things by Joe Hockey

    My favourite things by Joe Hockey

    Michaela Vaughan [twitname]mvaughan101[/twitname] Economies in crisis and rad budgets written Coal and big business with which I’m smitten Spurious promises tied up with string These are a few of my favourite things  

  • Editorial #8: Kick This Knob Out

    Editorial #8: Kick This Knob Out

    “Finally, you now have the chance to… KICK THIS MOB OUT.” So read the headline of The Daily Telegraph the day after the announcement of the September 7 Federal election last year. While The Daily Telegraph has not exactly been lauded as a bastion of impartial news reporting throughout its history, this now-infamous headline proved…

  • Why it’s still worth giving a Gonski

    Why it’s still worth giving a Gonski

    When the federal government was voted in mid-last year, many students and schools remained hopeful that the Review of Funding for Schooling (aka the “Gonski”) agreements made under Labor were going to be implemented.  Before the election, Liberal Education Minister Christopher Pyne promised that “you can vote Liberal or Labor and you’ll get exactly the…

  • Abbott vs the ABC

    Abbott vs the ABC

    On November 18 2013, the ABC and the Guardian Australia released a story revealing that, based on Edward Snowden’s leaks of confidential U.S. National Security Agency documents, Australian spy agencies during 2009 had tapped Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and his wife’s phones. The release of this information sparked a diplomatic rift in the relationship…