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  • UNSW’s Winter Olympics: Meet Scott Kneller

    UNSW’s Winter Olympics: Meet Scott Kneller

    Another spotlight on a UNSW Olympic hopeful; Ammy Singh speaks to Scott Kneller about Ski Cross, Sochi and how he got there. Q: You got to Sochi last night. How is it? We’ve heard a few horror stories about accommodation, but hopefully it’s good? A: Yeah, actually, it’s pretty amazing. It’s obviously different to Vancouver.…

  • Belle of the Board

    Belle of the Board

    Ammy Singh talks snowboarding, coming out of the closet on national television, and “ripping on Putin’s ass” with Belle Brockhoff, Australia’s only openly gay Winter Olympian in Sochi. Mention you’ve never seen snow to Olympian Belle Brockhoff as she wakes up in faraway Europe, and she’ll take her laptop over to her window to show…