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  • Devonshire Street Objects

    Art review by Dylan Chalwell One of the most exciting developments in modern art is the emergence of provocative, unauthorised pieces in inner-city enclaves. In Surry Hills and Darlinghurst, for example, the only thing more pleasantly surprising than finding a wall that has been graffitied by local artist Lister, is finding one that hasn’t.

  • “It is Difficult:” Public Art and Private Minds

    Earlier this year at the Americas Summit in Cartagena, Colombia, the United States formally acknowledged the existence of the drug decriminalisation debate throughout Latin America spearheaded by conservative Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina. While‬ Hillary Clinton also garnered just as much, if not more news coverage for dancing the night away at Café Havana, historians…

  • Review: Solitudes by David Jon Kassan

    Review: Solitudes by David Jon Kassan

    There’s something deeply powerful and captivating about Brooklyn-based painter David Jon Kassan’s paintings. They’re the kind of works that stop you in your tracks, suspending you before them. This is in part due to the technical skill that they clearly showcase – it’s almost inconceivable that a person can reproduce, out of paint, so realistic…

  • Review: The London Years at Brett Whiteley Studio

    Review: The London Years at Brett Whiteley Studio

    Tucked away in the back streets of Surry Hills is a studio where one of Australia’s most iconic artists, Brett Whiteley, used to live and create in. Post-divorce and in the throes of heroin and alcohol addiction, it was a space Whiteley retreated to four years before his fatal overdose in 1992. It’s a fascinating homage…

  • We Missed You

    We Missed You

    Vanessa Low

  • Review: COFA Annual 2011

    I passionately unenrolled from COFA a few years ago. Frustrated with the lack of technical training and the ‘art is anything and everything’ attitude, I sailed to the promising shores of the Julian Ashton Art School. Swapping the glossy studios of COFA for the creaky floors of Ashton’s was the best decision I made as…