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  • Lizzette the Agony Aunt: Timmy Greenberg and the ATO

    Lizzette the Agony Aunt: Timmy Greenberg and the ATO

    Dear Miss Aunty lady, Hi there, it’s Timmy Greenberg here again, I wrote to you last year about helping me not get kidnapped by rapists, and to help my Mummy not be so worried about it. But now she’s all scared again, because we’re going to America soon for a holiday and she is worried […]

  • Lizzette the Agony Aunt: Gina Rinehart and Foreign Students

    A-hoy hoy, So like, I know that asking for help is pretty mainstream and all, because it’s just sah corporatized and shit out there in the whole world, yeah? But I really do have this totes hard questioniola that I’m dealing with right now. It’s, like, taking all my time up in my head, and […]

  • Lizzette the Agony Aunt: Kyle Sandilands & Kony

    Dear Agony Aunt, Joseph Kony is a plague upon this earth – may his bones be forever crushed under the feet of those who oppose him, may his eyes melt out his bottom and he view the world forever as shit! Now though, don’t get us wrong; we’re all for his freedom-fighting actions and so […]

  • Lizzette: Computers, Border Security and Donuts

    Dear Agony Aunt, My partner is just OBSESSED with computers. He’s always online, downloading some new game or program or some rubbish, and I feel so ignored. I’d be surprised if he noticed if I left – unless I stopped paying the internet bill! What can I do to get him to push my buttons […]

  • Lizzette: Julia, Tony and Timmy Greenberg

    Dear Agony Aunt, I just don’t know what I can do to be more popular. It seems no matter what I try – having a cool, stylish boyfriend, dressing well, helping out with environmental causes and stuff – people just don’t like me! And there’s this other guy I work with, he is SUCH a […]