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Noodle House Yarn

I remember the first time someone tapped me. It was in was in the spring of 2011, I was young and naive and someone wanted me to be a club president. At the time I was a bit over-whelmed, someone had more confidence in me than I did. However soon …

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Spotlight on UNSW: Michael Kirby

This year, Tharunka continues with its interview series “Spotlight on UNSW,” where we speak to outstanding and inspiring members of the UNSW community. In our first spotlight, Cameron McPhedran spoke with the Honorable Michael Kirby. A High Court Justice for thirteen years and winner of the Gruber Justice Prize in …

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Ice Cream, Politics & Gossip Girl: Why Student Activism is Important

You hear a lot about the death of student activism these days. Kids just aren’t getting into their rallies, protests, marches and speak-outs like they used to back in olden times. So goes the contemporary narrative on the engagement of today’s university students with the world around them.

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