Super Smoothie Recipe

Miranda Cerr, Lora Pringle and Jennifer Sparrowins all swear by it: the morning pick-me-up that will make you look and feel like the best version of yourself!


  • Bunch of organic kale (SUPERFOOD!)

  • Frozen organic banana *Tip: peel before freezing to avoid frost burn — OUCH!

  • Handful of blueberries (SUPERFOOD!)

  • Handful of goji berries (SUPERFOOD!)

  • Spanx

  • Fresh, organic, micro herbs of your choice; preferably picked from your own windowsill miniature teapot garden. *Tip: we love parsley and mint for a fresh GREEN taste

  • Teaspoon of Accai powder (SUPERFOODPOWDER!)

  • Photoshop

  • 500ml of cold pressed coconut water, sourced from fresh local organic coconuts

  • Personal full-time hair/makeup team *Tip: If they are a quirky gay with their own reality TV show or have 50k+ followers on Instagram, you’re onto a winner. (SUPERSTYLIST!)

  • Teaspoon of Spiralina flakes (SUPERFOODALGAE!)


  1. Blend up all the weird food in your overpriced Vitamix.

  1. Pour concoction into recycled jam jar and post a photo to Instagram with inspired quote, include buzz-tags such as #greensmoothie #cleanfood #rawfood

  1. Chuck that shit in the bin and send your Photoshop guy to Starbucks.

  1. Get hair and makeup done. Post another photo (once Photoshop guy has edited it) to instagram in your workout gear. Your quality of Spanx and Photoshop guy are key here. Make sure you tag #filterfree #morningworkout #makeupfree #gross #cleanbodycleanmind

  1. Spend the rest of the day googling yourself.

Freya King

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