A close up of a digital drawing of a blue and white shirt, with yellow flowers along the bust.


By Luis Lopez
Content warning: substance addiction

Sometimes, the air tastes so sweet,

like a mouthful of cotton candy.

As it rots my teeth I can’t help but think, 

I am a child, naive, 

allured by simple pleasures.

If I could, I would,

sacrifice this confection 

for something more nourishing.

But then I think,

What of those who cannot enjoy this delightful decay?

I must seize it and hold it, bite down, never let go, 

if only for them.

I will fall into the comforting lap of my vices

until one day, it all runs dry

and the bitter taste that’s been there all along remains.

 A digital drawing of a young woman in a blue dress lying on a wooden floor. She is holding a full syringe and hypodermic needle - it is full of pink glitter. One of her arms is outstretched, and the crook of her elbow is covered in the pink glitter.

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Narcotics Anonymous: 1300 652 820 or 0488 811 247

Alcoholics Anonymous: 1300 22 22 22

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