Students Concerned as UNSW Revamps Moodle During Exams

By Harrisen Leckenby

The messaging on UNSW Moodle Dashboard page does not provide the time the update is scheduled to go live, leaving questions around whether Moodle will need to be down for a period of time, potentially affecting hundreds of students.

The Moodle Dashboard is set to undergo a “Visual Redesign” in the middle of the Term 1 exam period.

Little to no information has been released on the visual updates that will be implemented tomorrow, nor what the page will look like ahead of time.  

The Moodle website, the source of UNSW coursework for all students, including submitting assignments and sitting online exams, is currently displaying the below message, highlighted in blue, in the top header of the page: 

The notification reads: Moodle Dashboard Update, Coming Soon! A visual redesign of the Moodle Dashboard page is scheduled to be released on Thursday 5th May, 2022. Guides and resources will be made available here on release day.

Students have expressed concern about the timing of the update during the T1 exam period. 

A Facebook post on UNSW Discussion group alerting students to the looming update gathered hundreds of reactions.  

A poll conducted by Tharunka on UNSW Discussion group indicated that 37 students felt the update would impact their exam performance, 15 voted that the update would have no impact and 12 voted for the option “what even is Moodle?”

The Moodle Release page refers to the upcoming update as a Client Release 4, with no information published regarding this specific update.  

The update is part of a series of updates that form part of the upgrade to Moodle 4.1, scheduled for later in the year.  

Students will need to check Moodle prior to an exam to ensure that they are familiar with the new Moodle design layout before navigating to their exam.