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SRC to begin campaign for changes to Special Consideration rules 

The SRC will be proposing a slew of changes to the structures of Special Consideration at UNSW at the next Academic Board meeting. The primary areas of concern to be raised surround the disparity of approval rates of Special Consideration Requests among students of differing circumstances.  

Tharunka can reveal that the proposal is being designed based on data collected from a number of surveys, documents and institutions from universities across Sydney, detailing how Spec-Cons approval rates are affected by a student’s financial status, socio-economic background, disability etc.  

The SRC will release a survey later this week to collect data and experiences from UNSW students on the topic. 

The survey will aim to identify areas of disparity in the Spec-Cons approval process that are consistent with that of the wider university community, as well as issues that are unique to UNSW. 

Tharunka encourages students to share their experiences with the Special Consideration process.  

More to come.