SRC Tharunka Address – t3 2022

By Nayonika Bhattacharya

The UNSW Student Representative Council (‘UNSW SRC’) is the peak body representing all
international, domestic, onshore, and offshore students across all levels of study at the University of
New South Wales. The UNSW SRC is responsible for advocating, furthering, investigating student
issues, and pushing for student change across UNSW Kensington, Paddington campuses.
The UNSW SRC is made up of the following collectives: Welfare, Women’s, International Students,
Ethnocultural students, Environmental, Queer, Students with Disabilities, Education Collectives and
Paddington Campus Representatives, including a domestic and international students’ representative.
The UNSW SRC has been involved in organising several events throughout 2022 in engaging with
students across issues experienced in the areas of – student academic experience and quality, welfare,
and safety issues, addressing gendered violence on campus, addressing difficulties with special
considerations and ELS issues and other issues experienced by UNSW students across different
The UNSW SRC and its various collectives have organised several stalls across the 3 Terms on
campus, including participating in Mental Health Month, Sextember, the Diversity Fest, the UNSW
Education Festival, Hump Day, Welcome Week. We will continue to be available on stalls across the
campus in Term 3. You can also reach out to us via email at or
submit any general complaints here, or any academic issues here.
Our current campaigns include but not are limited to:

  1. Pushing for a permanent lift on international student working hours cap in partnership with the
    National Union of Students. You can find out more here.
  2. Continuing to advocate for international students both at an undergraduate and postgraduate
    level to ensure they have access to concession opal cards. You can find out more here.
  3. Continuing to push for transparency to degree changes being made by the faculty of ADA and
    increasing the level of participation students have when student consultations take place. You
    can read more about it here:
    The UNSW SRC is available to chat will students and advocate for them to ensure they have an
    equitable opportunity to be involved within their faculties and other social opportunities on and off
    campus. The UNSW SRC has also successfully participated in several National Union of Students’
    conferences and hosted the first NUS Ethnocultural Conference which was held across UNSW from
    21 – 23 September. This event was beyond successful and a great learning opportunity for the
    UNSW and Australian University student community to develop cultures, adopt practices and to
    further the student union movement.