A Slice of Guilt Pie: Force-Fed


By Jumaana Abdu


@kaZZ1995 . 8:23 AM Feb 28

Back to uni today. 3 months off was not enough save me


@DevPatella 8:37 AM Feb 28

gon miss my holiday beard. security at uni been uptight since Nov incident. can’t afford to look threatening, just wanna pass this course yo


@kaZZ1995 . 8:54 AM Feb 28

How to create stink-bomb potent enough to clear out lecture room? Asking for a friend. Time is a factor


@kaZZ1995 . 9:17 AM Feb 28

Spot the difference: current lecturer vs sleeping pill #ihonestlycanttell #diabetespharmacologymorelikeDIEabetespharmacology

(9:17AM) DevPatella: sitting behind u, saw u tweeting and looked at ur twitter handle over ur shoulder. Sorry 4 stalking but I am bored beyond embarrassment


(9:18AM) kaZZ1995: No apology necessary – desperate times, stranger, desperate times


(9:18AM) DevPatella: keep a dying man company? don’t think Gandalf’s older brother down there would notice if u hopped back a row


@kaZZ1995 . 10:57 AM Mar 1

Lecture wasn’t so bad today

(12:03 PM) DevPatella: ur welcome


(3:19 PM) kaZZ1995: Don’t flatter yourself


@kaZZ1995 . 1:46 AM Mar 23: Cant sleep, brain fuzzy n warm pls recommend pixar shorts and/or trashy romcoms

(1:47 AM) DevPatella: DM me


(1:47 AM) kaZZ1995: Doubting your romcom reservoir…


(1:48 AM) DevPatella: lmao don’t underestimate me


@kaZZ1995 . 8:55 PM Apr 1

Shamelessly lauding victory over @DevPatella #everybodycrieswhentheywatchLittleWomenconfirmed



(8:59PM) kaZZ1995: Update: he is still crying, literally tears dripping onto the couch and me #owesme5bucks


@DevPatella 2:12 AM Apr 16

can’t sleep thinking about #Fez and #Grenwich and #Berlin. too much bad news. I’m sorry

(7:58 AM) @kaZZ1995: You shouldn’t have to apologise. How can these killers represent the people they’re hurting the most?

(10:03 AM) @DevPatella: i know. enough people tell u ur guilty tho n u start to feel it


@kaZZ1995 8:58 PM Apr 16

Taking a friend to get cheer-up ice cream in a couple of days. Any recs?


@kaZZ1995 . 9:54 AM Apr 18

Witnessed a good friend be assaulted today by classless racist. Threw a drink all over him. I don’t even know what to say. I’m disgusted


@DevPatella 10:22 AM Apr 18

tfw u get get free powerade from a stranger <3 dude was so eager to share, he chucked it all over me #gottalovestraya


@kaZZ1995 . 5:55 PM Jun 29

@some fancy place w/ @DevPatella n waiter keeps trying to coerce us into buying appetisers. What millennial has time for $8 breadsticks??

@kaZZ1995 . 6:53 PM Jun 29

Restaurant on lockdown. Police aren’t allowing phone calls.


@nswpolice . 7:03 PM Jun 29

All roads into Sydney CBD closed. Possible security threat is being assessed and evacuation underway. Avoid the area.


@DevPatella . 9:15 PM Jun 29

seems to be heading towards the east CBD. shouting audible from here. can’t get through to my brother


@kaZZ1995 . 9:50 PM Jun 29

Fighting is closer. Dev and I are still safe. Still no word from his brother, Roshan. He was on his way to meet us.


@smh . 10:01 PM Jun

Numerous gunmen currently in standoff with police #SydneyCBD Reports of multiple civilian casualities.


@DevPatella . 10:43 PM Jun 29

anyone heard from roshan?