The Scrotioid

Dominic Bowd


 Grubs creeping out the eyes,

of Leaders.

Leaders of Men.

Spasmodic tongue curls –

Waves! Waves & waves of idiocy,

a satirists delicacy.

Smorgasbords of spittle; this village idiot writ-large.

A gnarly-eyed monkey-man,

dumb-jawed and grinning.

Grinning on Al Jazeera.

Grinning in the Washington


Old smirking leftie-mincer Abbott;

A clumsy scrotum of a man!


The ballsack with ear-wings.

Grinning from the cesspool of

BA Santamaria’s wrinkly


Oh Fearless, peerless Leader.

Master of Men.

The canonical storm trooper of

muzzled regression,

Realpolitik mind-vomit


Trickles and percolates

between sour chunks of


The darting eyes,

The crawling rhetoric.

The repetition

The repetition

The repetition –

Motorik Tony!

The von Metternich of modernity.

Phlegmatic and drawling;

the gecko behind the lectern.

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