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Gold Sonnets 2: Rose Gold

Content warnings: reference to AIDS

by Axel-Nathaniel Rose

How they fight the sweet call of suicide!

Queen of the Ball vogues, reclaiming her crime

Glitter fills the cavities; pulsing pride,

Night marries these bodies moving through time

We encase ourselves in silver and gold

History relived and torn from the page

The secret to pride continues untold

Raw and pristine as we are, centre stage

Read meaning of gowns and hankies and shades

The band plays on, silk frays, heart breaks once more

Pink triangles drift; the spectre of AIDS

We take on the broken and build our corps

In this beauty we’ve made down we will lay

To you I am bound, forever I’ll stay.

Axel has been writing since the tender age of five, his debut novel The Evle King dedicated to his brother’s tyranny over the household armchair. His writing has since expanded to short stories, poetry, and oration, with particular focus on queer narratives, mental illness and social media.



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