Review: Good Grief (Lucius)

By Liliana Occhiuto

Lucius is an ensemble that can be described as powerful, modern and undoubtedly hypnotic. With the modern music scene being overwhelmed by synthesised and overly processed sounds – Lucius’ latest efforts are a Godsend for anybody wanting a change in tone. The rich harmonies continuously present within ‘Good Grief’, courtesy of Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, will fill you with glee. With both singers performing together, the sonic tones emitted by these powerhouses simply need to be heard. This latest band surfacing from the indie scene is an original and intelligent act that is more than worthy of the accolades that it is receiving.

One of the key tracks from Lucius’ latest effort is the instant classic, ‘Dusty Trails’. The bittersweet tones heard in this ballad instantaneously conjure up allusions to the great Fleetwood Mac. The simple, yet powerful, accompaniment fused with the awe-inspiring harmonies produced by the two lead singers will make every last hair on your body stand straight. The song ‘Better Look Back’ is yet another highlight as the song successfully blends modern and classical sounds in order to create a sound that is unique and adventurous. This track also showcases the band as a cohesive unit, as all elements of this track blend seamlessly.

Although the audio production of some tracks doesn’t really do Lucius justice, this album is definitely worth a listen.