Review: Glenferrie Lodge


Glenferrie Lodge, situated mere metres down the road from Kirribilli house, bills itself as a “3 star character hotel” ideal for student travellers on a budget. Among the perks it claims is water views, free breakfast, and a casual, home grown atmosphere.

While the water views are limited to the most expensive of the rooms, the Lodge delivers on being relatively budget-friendly, in most respects living up to the promise of being a suitable place for a visiting family member to stay if the idea of them crashing in your dank student housing for a weekend is too much to bear. The breakfast is a nice touch, and the Lodge’s surroundings quite scenic.

If you’re looking for an accessible place in the thick of the city and bustling inner suburbs, however, you’re better off looking elsewhere. While the Lodge is located a few minutes’ walk from Kirribilli Wharf, ferries are infrequent and only stop by every hour. A longer walk to North Sydney would still see you trekking over half an hour to make it to the Sydney CBD.

Give it a recommendation if your mum’s in town, but give it a miss if you’re a student.

Prices begin from $79.