Plebicite becoming problematic for pollies

By Cassie Bell

Three Liberal Senators recently announced that they would vote against the Australian public if the results of a national plebiscite favoured the legalisation of gay marriage.

Employment Minister, Eric Abetz, said he would not necessarily vote with the majority, while fellow Senators Cory Bernardi and Bridget McKenzie confirmed they would definitely not vote in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, regardless of public opinion.
Liberal National MP, Warren Entsch, a political spearhead in the fight for marriage equality, said his colleagues’ refusal to align themselves with the people was “rather bizarre”.

“It makes you wonder why we would spend millions of dollars on a plebiscite if you’re not going to respect the result,” he said.

“It will be a very brave individual–either in the House of Representatives or the Senate–who seeks to challenge the views of the Australian people.”

The Senators’ announcement to reject the public vote came just days before former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was booked to speak on “the importance of family” to US conservative Christian organisation Alliance Defending Freedom.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull said he respected a right for both his Senators and Mr Abbott to express their own personal views.