Monorail Hoax Catches Students & Media

Media outlets and students were left puzzled by the hoax Foundation Day announcement that the UNSW Student Representative Council had approved a bid for the Sydney Metro Monorail.

The story was picked up by MX and ABC News Radio’s Sandy Aloisi, even thought the press release was riddled with numerous red-herrings, including references to the non-existent University of New South Wales Student Association and the $4 million funding pledge to that organisation from the University.

Whilst some students realised the announcement was another in a series of Foundation Day pranks, others emailed and tweeted their disagreement to the plan.

Several students communicated their concerns to the UNSW Chancellery, a step some parts of the media clearly failed to consider. One student told Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students) Wai Fong Chua she was concerned about the safety and aesthetic repercussions.

“I believe this monorail will ruin the beautiful campus we already have, by cluttering it up, making the campus more urban like the city, and negatively affecting the serene atmosphere we have now,” the email read.

Nevertheless Tim Kaliyanda, President of the SRC, was clearly bemused by the reaction. He had been listed as the contact person in the media release, receiving countless calls late into the night on Foundation Day.

Kylar Loussikian