I found your recent article “New Bar May Cost Roundhouse, Whitehouse” (No. 9 Vol. 58) a little crass. As I understand it, Tharunka is published by Arc@UNSW, the same people who own the Roundhouse and the Whitehouse. I am no student of journalism, but I appreciate the value of a disclosure. I will give you the benefit of the doubt this time round.

Adam Smallhorn

Editor’s Reply: 

Whilst Arc@UNSW is the publisher of Tharunka, we function as an independent entity. Blitz, for instance, is published under the direction of the Arc marketing department, but Tharunka is not. Because editors are elected from the student body, we are relatively free to decide the subject and scope of articles published. Tharunka reported extensively on the Arc retail buy-out earlier this year and rising prices on campus. Our articles do not necessarily follow Arc’s communication goals. Regardless, we note the fact Arc@UNSW is the publisher of Tharunka in each issue.

Kylar Loussikian

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