The decision reached by our student organisation and the university about the essential sell off of all Arc stores isn’t very good news for students. Before this happened I had been under the impression that Arc was a not-for-profit organisation here for the benefit of students.

The way I see it is being a student often puts people on campus into a very vulnerable position that can lead to financial, physiological and social stress. I don’t believe that anyone should be allowed to take advantage of students in this vulnerable situation and it should be Arc’s role to make sure this doesn’t happens.

This is why I was surprised when Tharunka announced that the deal had been struck between the Arc Board and the university without any consultation with the student body. I’m already used to a lack of transparency from the university but I would have never expected the same kind of behaviour from our student organisation.

Students rely on the Arc stores to provide an alternative to all the other businesses on campus that try to take advantage of students. The Arc board should have fought to keep the Arc stores so they could provide students a service that would otherwise not be available. The amount of profit that will be made should have never been considered. If only the student body had been asked, we could have reminded the Arc board that they run a not-for-profit student organisation.

Jeremiasz Sieczko

I am writing to you all in regards all the recent talk about the food prices and city high costs of eating at UNSW. This is my 6th year of attendance here and to be honest I have always taken it as a common fact that to eat at uni would cost me near $30-$40 a day! In my first year, good old 2006, Badagaban was near the CBD and they had make your own sandwiches, a microwave so you could heat up your own food and super cheap coffee.

I would spend about $4 and have something yummy and semi-nutritious to devour. When it disappeared one semester I didn’t think too much about it as I was guessing the uni would build a similar set up on some other part of campus, surely they wouldn’t leave us poor kids high and dry… right?

Sure enough the uni fucked us over instead of a little cheay lunch I had to get some gourmet pesto job at one of the cool little cafes that popped up everywhere. Now don’t get me wrong I love small business and think the girls and guys that work 12 hour days at the hospitality enterprises at our uni are amazing and deserve everything they work for. What I’m asking for are options; if I’m having a poor week and I just feel like toast I should have somewhere on campus to make it right?

Jasmin Kaleita

Congratulations on your first two issues for 2012. Unfortunately the nadir of these issues is surely ‘Spot the Difference’ [Issue 2], in which it is stated that there is no difference between Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and a cow. I notice the contribution was unsigned. Perhaps our brave contributor will follow up Vanessa Low’s cute ‘We Missed You’ with a photo series on ‘Bitches in Australian Politics’.

Tim Bennett

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