Jane Wallace Presents: Sunday Television Hell

Television always wants to attract the all important market of all important female television viewers. Females really count with TV ratings people. Female television viewers rule television and television viewing, so when Australian television channel, Channel Nine has to choose which television show would attract the most female television viewers on a Sunday Night, they had an easy choice to make.

Would female television viewers prefer the game they made in hell? Would female television TV viewers prefer the Underworld baddies of television TV drama show ‘Underbelly Razor’ with its thousands of crimes, criminals, mafias, murders, prostitution, gambling, Satans, chain gangs, killings, mayhem, merciless beatings, drugs, rapes, violence,sins, hatreds, assaults, and muggings, or would female television viewers prefer the game that they made in heaven?

Would female television viewers prefer a football game of Rugby Union between local country New Zealand and Argentina with all its scrums, line-outs, penalty goals, field goals, penalties, rucks, injuries, replacements, referee decisions, kickoffs, tries, half times, and hakas?

Channel Nine rightfully believes that ‘Underbelly Razor’ is a more female friendly television show than Rugby Union. Adios the Haka! Welcome to minor digital television channels, football!
Like Channel Seven with Australian Rules semi-finals earlier this year, Channel Nine choose to place football on the minor new digital television channels with the other old repeats of successful

American, British and Australian television shows from 1950s, 1960s,1970s and 1980s.

Welcome to the digital television land of Green Acres, Hogans Heroes, MASH, Bewitched, and McHale’s Navy, football!! Thank you very much Channel Nine for the Sunday Night television.

Hell is better than heaven, any night! Even ‘Big Bang Theory’ would be better on Sunday Night than football. Lets put out a contract hit (Underbelly talk) on football once and for all! Lets finish off football on major TV channels now! Females versus football is the ultimate world television underworld war!

Adios Amigos,
Jane Wallace

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