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In Communion with Calliope: #6: Rock

A digital image of a statue of the Greek muse Calliope. In white text next to the statue, it reads 'In Communion with Calliope, by Ivana Marija Devcic'.

In Communion with Calliope is a fortnightly poetry column by Ivana Marija Devčić.

I have always been 

the unyielding rock.

Yes, I may suffer 

death by a thousand cuts, 

dealt so gracefully by

the asphyxiating lashes 

of brute wind,

and the harsh constancy of rain. 

Yes, pieces may crumble,

and fall from me,

like snowflakes 

sifting between fingers,

never in reach.

Not rarely have I 

lost myself to agony. 

Know that the water 

which drowned me

has also rebirthed me.

Resurging and ineluctable,

as all trials are;

thus I became 

the shape of my sorrow. 

The scars will not let me forget:

when the flames burn me,

and cast me down

into the shadows I

tirelessly run from,

I will become molten,

and by my own light,


The underworld 

has long been my kindred.