ILC funding cuts

By Rebekah Hatfield

The Indigenous Law Centre (ILC) is the only centre of its type in Australia, yet the current government has decided to cuts all of its funding.

The ILC, which was established in 1981, has played a crucial part in Indigenous legal academia, and soon, it will be left to fend for itself, with funding ceasing at the end of the year.

The Abbott government cut over $43 million from its “legal policy reform and advocacy funding”, unfortunately leaving many legal and policy community organisations in the lurch.

The ILC, which produces the Indigenous Law Bulletin and the Australian Indigenous Law Review – the only two journals dedicated specifically to Indigenous legal issues in Australia – has not given up and will continue fighting these cuts, but they still need your help.

There are many things you can do to keep this important centre around, like making a donation or writing a letter to your local member of parliament explaining why you think the ILC is important.

If you would like any further information, please check out the centre’s website at: