How to Optimise Your Dream Gutter

Elizabeth Read helps out.


Hey there you! So you’ve bought that dream piece of kerb- somewhere nice in Rose Bay, maybe, with ocean views and 2013 premium council cement, and the hand print of a little shit who thought it would be hilarious to write “Jake woz here” while it was still drying.

It’s everything you’ve ever hoped it could be, and while your parents could probably have afforded a much larger one, maybe with a breakfast nook or without that car parked in it- hey. You do you. The market has changed.

The place where you’re going to make back your money is in resale, and if you try out these five tips by leading Sydney Real Estate Agents, you can add thousands to your special new home.

  1. Ambient Light Is Flattering For Everything

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live- using soft, ambient lighting from lamps will instantly soften any imperfections in the curve of your kerb, and add an aura of sophistication. Your gutter will ooze that dreamy, ephemeral quality we all crave.

  1. Wall Decals Add Instant Character

Don’t be afraid to put on a wall decal or two. Semi-permanent, and varying from $5 to $50 on Etsy, they are a fun and easy way to freshen up an otherwise boring space with winsome creativity.

  1. If It’s Old, It May Have Hardwood Floors Under The Carpet

Home improvement reality television is my favourite guilty pleasure, and when those teams go into shambling old houses and pull up stained, pilled carpet to reveal well protected cedar hardwood floors that require a quick sand and polish, it makes my heart sing. SING!
If you’re lucky, it may happen to you. Take a peek under that carpet and see if there’s any hidden treasures.

  1. Make Sure There’s Flow From One Space To The Next

This was the one thing that the real estate agents could not emphasise to me enough- make sure there is a harmony and consistent theme between each space, as well as a balance of furniture and openness. If you have grey lucite press-to-open cupboard doors in your kitchen, and try to team that with an un-varnished beech kitchen table and cane-backed chairs, you’re going to have problems.

  1. Mirrors Add Space and Light

Mirrors are an instant lift to even the most boring of gutters. It will double the amount of visible space, creating an illusion of larger rooms, and magnify the effect of natural light, instantly adding thousands to the price of your cement hovel. Plus, they’re super useful for making sure you don’t have any dirt on your face when you leave in the morning.

Oh, and last but not least, fill in that ‘Jake woz here’.

Always a good idea.

Good luck on creating your dream slum!