From UNSW Business student to Love Island contestant: Ronni Krongold’s search for love

by Kat Wong

Fourth-year UNSW Business School student Ronni Krongold is a contestant on the new season of Love Island Australia

Ronni Krongold is a UNSW commerce (and formerly law) student and Sydney Boys High School alumnus whose last relationship lasted six months and “wasn’t official really”. So, his story feels pretty familiar to many other UNSW students.

But this year, he is taking some time off to find love on the 2021 season of Love Island Australia

Love Island is a dating reality show where single contestants (‘islanders’) attempt to find love while living in a villa cut-off from the outside world. To avoid elimination, contestants must ‘couple up’ and any islanders without a partner are ‘dumped’ from the villa.  

“I want to do Love Island for my own enjoyment. You look at the setting, and you have got hot girls in a Villa and then go on exotic dates. That’s kind of what I do in my life anyway,” Ronni said

“I’m a Libra… it takes a Libra a lot to fall in love, but once he does it’s for real.” 

According to the Love Island Australia website, Ronni’s motivation for going on Love Island is to, “meet and date as many girls as he can and hopefully find his perfect match.” 

He claims that he, “can meet girls anywhere… at the petrol station, at the beach, in the bar,” and that prior to Love Island, “I was going on a lot of dates. I would go on these dates – to be brutally honest – with the intention of getting laid at the end of it. I would go with the same girl maybe one date, two dates, and maximum three, then I would cut it off there.” 

But at the villa, his love initially remained unrequited.  

Ronni coupled up with Tina Provis before being dropped in favour of the older, more muscular Mitchell Hibberd.  

When contestants were asked, “which islander would you least want to share a bed with?” five out of the six female contestants answered Ronni.  

But amongst viewers, he has developed his fair share of fans thanks to his confidence, catchphrases (“Oofa”) and gyrating dance moves. 

Former Love Island contestant Jessie Wynter commented, “Ronnie seems like he’s so sweet!” 

“Oofffaaa our fav,” said one Instagrammer

Another user commented, “K [sic] but Ronni is the CUTEST out of all of them just saying <3.” 

His luck in love has also turned over the last week. After a re-coupling with Courtney Stubbs and a brief love triangle ordeal, Ronni is now lovingly coupled up with Ari Kumar.  

Since Love Island Australia episodes air the day after they are filmed, it is uncertain how Ronni’s journey will continue, but he has assured audiences that, “I might be a little bit smarter with my approach and play the Ronni game.” 

Follow Ronni’s search for love on Channel 9 from Monday to Wednesday at 8:30pm, and on Thursdays at 9:30pm. You can also catch up on episodes on the 9Now website.  

Editor’s note and SPOILER: as of 10pm Wednesday 27th October, Ronni has been eliminated from Love Island. If you would like to see Ronni in action, feel free to catch up on episodes 1-11 of Love Island Australia on the 9Now website.