My Experience as an International Student at UNSW

By  Brett Lai Kuan Yu


在UNSW唸書的時間,除了學校的課業外,我也利 用課餘的時間參加一些校內的活動。身為一個國際學生,因為有了這些校內社團,讓我從未感到無聊寂寞。不僅曾經參加了校園內的查經班,也跟ARC組織的海外 志工隊於去年暑假在斐濟進行兩周的志工活動,更特別的是,志工們給了我一次難忘的斐濟生日派對!


Name: Brett Lai Kuan Yu

Degree: Master of Commerce

Home country: Taiwan




Studying at UNSW was lots of fun. As an international student, I never felt bored or lonely, because the university has heaps of societies and extra-curricular activities to participate in. During my studies, I not only joined F.O.C.U.S (the campus Christian fellowship), but I also went on an overseas volunteer trip with Arc – during which, I celebrated my birthday with a whole team of other students. These experiences have given me countless memories… Besides that, I also enjoyed food – LOTS of it! There are so many nice and exotic restaurants around uni, which you can easily reach. If you would like to travel a bit further, to the city, there are even more options for you! (One of my favourite restaurants is Mamak).

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