Erotic Writing Competition Shortlist: ‘EMPTY PLATE’

he was like a three-course meal. 
salty, spicy, and sweet. 
mostly the sweet. 
like a shortbread biscuit  
crumbling into your teeth 
the river of chocolate 
trying to catch up to the meat 
he was the rich velvet sponge cake  
you couldn’t wait to eat. 
your tongue curls, salivates at the thought of 
his neck, mouth, lips 
he's the last scoop of ice cream you don’t want to 
miss. but you know when it’s over, 
you'll be craving for more 
your stomach still empty and your arms so 
sore. but he'll reel you in for a midnight snack,  
his fingers telling you it’s good to be back 
he's a kit kat from your secret chocolate stash leftover 
Crème Brule just waiting to crack.  then you get to the 
morning and he's still in your bed,  your mind's telling 
you it’s time to be fed 
you wade through his hair, soft as silk 
and wash it down with a glass of milk  
but once you see his green eyes  
and his bowl full of lies, 
you can’t help but feel 
last nights meal