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Erotic Writing Competition Shortlist: ‘cigarette (a perpetual burn)’

by Vania

an addiction i could never escape; 
a small flickering flame giving way to grey 
haze and a buzz beneath my veins 

your silky locks splayed out on white sheets, 
wet eyes glaring into mine, 
and a pink flush spreading from your cheeks down— 
i didn’t know then, your poison 

plush lips and smeared lipstick bold red; 
spilled cries and whines, 
hitched breaths and pretty taunts, 
“won’t you take me again?” 

like a devotee to aphrodite, 
my flesh was yours to command; 
my skin, adorned by your cigarette burns, 
your nails clawing into my charring flesh, 
and i am crumbling to ashes with every touch. 

i knew you envied mine, but 
i took in your soft mounds and perky rosebuds, tugging and twisting cruelly, kissing the space between— letting your body arch into mine. 
my mouth licked and sucked, 
teased you with my teeth and let your moans pollute the air. 

my fingers ran down a familiar plane, 
wanting to bring you to the edge with me. 
i leaned down, indulged in your cloying smoke; 
nosing and succumbing; torturous pleasure. 

a choke escapes me, “then we’ll burn together”.
my fingers glided against your folds, 
sliding into your wet heat and thrusting 
mercilessly. i sucked on your throbbing clit, 
held your thigh until it bruised purple, 
and fucked my tongue into you; curling and licking brutally. 

hot slick spilled out onto my lips, my fingers, my hands, the 
sheets, as your insides convulsed and your leg twitched in my hold. 
i licked once more, basking in your hazy drunkenness; admiring 
your bullied entrance and the obscene wetness. 

we knew neither love nor kindness. 

my mouth returned to your clit, 
forcing it to be sucked and lapped at until it was swollen, 
uncaring of your streaming tears soaking into the sheets; 
unrelenting in how your hands pulled my hair in 

my body burned and burned with your gushing heat, 
the scorching flame inciting a delicious agony. 

i worshipped you again and again— 
a cycle of our toxic addiction— 
until what was left of us 
became nothing 
but ash 
and bone.