Erotic Writing Competition Runner-Up: ‘Sonnet LXIX’

by Erica Rose

Asleep I drift to you by cyclic dreams – Why 
was I laying in your soft embrace? Two flames 
danced as one in the ocean breeze, A 
songbird’s melody sailed to this place… But 
there is something different in your eyes 
Tonight, a warmth that heats the biting sand, A 
sparkle through and through like sapphire 
skies; I blush as we leave a trail hand-in-hand. 
Bathed in rose passion, we lose all control; 
Tumbling waves, ever yearning for one more 
Kiss; I quiver as you devour my soul, 
Take you all in, gulp it down to my core,  But 
you don’t stop ’till you feel the earth quake;  
Tomorrow we can deal with our mistake.   

Erica Rose 

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