2019 Editorial Team


Lydia Morgan
Managing Editor

Lydia is a designer, illustrator and writer currently undertaking Honours in Design for social change at UNSW Art & Design. Lydia has a background in research, visual art and short fiction.


Lev Dilsiz

Lev enjoys thinking, writing, art making, and reading about collective politics, art, progressive economics, and queer culture, all whilst drinking a nice glass of Pinot Grigio.


Josh Fayez

Josh is a graduating Bachelor of Arts student and is pursuing his Honours year in History. Catch him nose-deep in postcolonial theory or talking about powerlifting.


Lungol Wekina

Lungol is a writer who loves to turn his hilarious meme of a life into poetry and prose. His degree is too long to name, but it has something to do with science, biology, and trying to save the world.

Sunny Lei

Sunny is a graphic designer and student currently completing her Honours year of study at UNSW Art & Design. Her work is driven by curiosity, and led by experimentation and research.