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How to destroy a people

By Rachel Lobo

How to destroy a people?

How to recreate history?


Convince them they are subordinate


The colour of their eyes, hair and skin

The shape of their lips and nose


The way they interact in their primitive, unsophisticated tongue

Their over-reliance on non-verbal gestures to communicate seemingly mundane messages


Make them less than what YOUR society consider to be human


Create legislation, doctrines and treaties

Detailing how “a foul race protected by their pollution from the doom that is their due”

can strive to be educated

and on the inside, become useful for the likes of you.


“They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.”

Plunder their homes, natural resources, sacred sites

Save them.

Force them to convert to the one true religion,

Follow Christ.

Spread this all-saving, all-forgiving faith through the demonstration of contradictory virtues




As many methods to Subjugate, wherever possible.


Enlighten them

to the fact,

Their pain isn’t real.

No sympathy, empathy or compassion is considered worthy

Of any other humanising characteristics

Reserved For Whiteness.


Divert their grain towards your more deserving civilisation

“They breed like rabbits… why isn’t Gandhi dead yet?” said the ever-revered Churchill.

“4 million, what’s another few dead?” says the white soldier striding pompously, well-fed.


Still Now,

the British-speaking elites are beholden to thee,

Forgiveness too easily played as their card,

Ignorance is synonymous with their advancement,

A pat on the head, a rub on the belly

Rewards not passed down to those snuffed out

Nor their families

Permanently scarred

And further insulted

by the Manipulated, White-Washed History.


No Reparations,

No Records of the truth.

Although you could not physically hold us for long,

Your ideology has won,

Your Imperial Romance,



31 Famines, 120 Years of Rule!

Why not celebrate these Sub continental achievements?

Oh, great massacrists of the 20th century.

The above piece was inspired by the often forgotten 1943-44 Bengal Famine, which occurred under British Colonial Rule. Rakesh Krishnan Simha, New Zealand-based journalist and foreign affairs analyst, recently wrote an article titled “Remembering India’s Holocaust”, which would be a great place for one to start their reading if they’d like to delve further into educating themselves on this often overlooked atrocity.