No. 3, Vol. 58 (2012)

Arc Leads Way To Progress

Over the last few weeks thousands of students have joined Arc and signed up for a whole year of wonderful campus life. Making sure students get the most from their time at UNSW is the foremost aim of Arc, and our student organisation puts the considerable resources of its marketing, …

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Review: Undercard

Picture this: From a bird’s eye view, a car travels along a sunlit road, fringed with countryside. In the car, a family of three is smiling, relaxed, and enjoying the ride. The mother puts on a CD, and all of a sudden the scene is ruptured by loud death metal, …

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Trial, Punishment and Eternal Activism in Buenos Aires

Alerta! Alerta! Alerta que estan vivos Todos los ideales de los desaparecidos… Watch out! Watch out! Watch out those who are living Watch out for all of the ideals of the ‘disappeared’…. Thursday afternoon, 3:30pm and las Madres de Plaza de Mayo have commenced weekly march in the central plaza …

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