Violent Delights

A digital image of a neon purple anatomical heart, behind black bars of a cage. The background is black.

By Ivana DevcicContent warning: NSFW How curious it is that a controlled hit – the essence of each touch between us – unfettered, untethered, unchained, could become ultra-violent. Even in the deepest act of love –  with its ferocious intimacy,  and penetration to the soul – bruises flower along necks …

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Ultraviolet (2006) Review

The promotional poster of the sci-fi film 'Ultraviolet' (2006). At the top, it features the name 'Milla Jovovich' and the film title 'UltraViolet'. The protagonist, a white woman with dark hair and red lips, wearing a white crop top, is pointing a sword at the viewer. In the background are rows of soldiers in military wear, with tall buildings behind them.

By Chloe McFadden “An incomprehensible and forgettable sci-fi thriller, Ultraviolet is inept in every regard.”Critic consensus, Rotten Tomatoes. The 2006 dystopian film Ultraviolet was a resounding flop. In 2019 it has a Rotten Tomato score of a measly 8% and slew of harsh critiques from viewers. Across most review websites …

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The Sun and the Architect

On a black background, a photograph of a person from their lips to their chest. They have brown skin, black stubble, and black chest hair, and are wearing metallic pink lipstick and gold glitter over their collarbones and chest.

By Lungol Wekina The room was bright and the man was dark. The warm, gentle light of the lamps seemed to soak into his brown skin, setting everything but him on fire. The creams of the carpets and the greens of the curtains burned softly around him, giving the illusion …

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Australian Horror Story

An image of the map of Australia with the logo of American Horror Story ('AHS') superimposed over it in black and red.

By Tim Collis You salute to the portrait on the wall of the classroom. A stern face gazes down, surveying the pupils who are eager to leave. It is 5:00pm. The portrait’s eyes follow you as you leave. No one speaks ill of her, but everyone thinks it. You walk …

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Purple Is

A digital image of a textured purple background, dark to the left and fading to pale on the right. On the right side of the image there is a crown of thorns.

By Emma Tindale As a child, purple was everything pure: The colour of Lent in the Catholic Church The Bishop’s robe as he gave the sermon Sunday mornings and sacrifice as we’d fast Purple was my craving, giving into temptation.  Purple was the matching outfits of three little girls Sisters …

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