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The Stress of Stress Less Week

By Shivika Gupta   I love cuddling doggos as much as the next person, but it’s not a cure-all when it comes to mental health. For some students, an interaction with cute and fluffy puppers might be the highlight of their week, but others may need more significant support and …

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Mirror Talk

[From the editors]   By Sharon Wong Cricket trills its song, Two a.m. scream of dark night, Morning talks of flight.   You are naked in front of the lone mirror in your apartment, a cheap white-framed glass that leans drunk against the span of wall between your front door …

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Agony Ibis: Issue 8

  By Sarah Hort Image: Amy Ge Dear Agony Ibis,   Hope this telegram finds you well [stop]. Would prefer to keep this between you and I for now [stop]. Having some beef with the clowns over at Fairfax [stop]. Wondering if you’ve got any tips on how to shut down media …

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The Book That Changed My Life

    We asked Tharunka contributors which book changed their life. Here are their answers, and your updated “to-read” list.   Book of Longing, by Leonard Cohen Georgia Griffiths   Leonard Cohen was the first artist I ever saw live in concert. As a 14-year-old back in 2010, I felt …

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