I’m Sold

by Rosalie Lambert Welcome! we’re hungry for you. This store has everything you could ever want, anything in the whole wide world, anything you can reasonably afford! If you want something new, something pristine or something untouched. There are no foul fingerprint smudges, not a shade of rust. No history, …

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Ian Jacobs flees to Scotland

By Nishant Pandav (@NPaNium) During the early hours of Monday 16th March, Professor Ian Jacobs, Vice Chancellor of UNSW was seen rushing into the international terminal of Sydney Airport. One of the SRC members camping in the bushes outside the Chancellery spotted Ian leaving the campus in a security van. …

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Low Tech Lecturers

A photograph taken from behind a teacher's desk, showing the back of the teacher, a white man with brown hair, who is speaking into a microphone, directed towards a whiteboard. There are two laptops, a waterbottle, and a cup of coffee on the desk.

By Nishant Pandav Walking on the side of Oxford Street, I noticed Steve, our Sustainability course lecturer, sipping on Amazonia Acai Juice™ while scrolling on his mobile. For a moment he lifted his head and I took the opportunity to wave at him. He didn’t seem to notice and resumed …

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