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  • Review: Still Alive – Exhibition

    Review: Still Alive – Exhibition

    By Sarah Fernandes The Refugee Art Project is a locally run, not-for-profit collective that organises art classes for asylum seekers and refugees. Still Alive is an exhibition of original artworks created by participants from the Villawood Detention Centre, as well as from families and children who have been granted refugee status and are settling into […]

  • Review: Lucy – Luc Besson

    By Lucia Watson Scarlett Johansson plays a highly evolved drug mule in this sci-fi action film from director Luc Besson. I must admit I don’t usually go for the mainstream box office hits, but the idea of a mainstream film that passes the Bechdel test piqued my curiosity. Lucy follows the story of a young […]

  • Theatre Review: A streetcar named desire

    Theatre Review: A streetcar named desire

    On a Thursday night, after a particularly gruelling work week, the last thing I felt like doing was sitting down to three hours of amatuer student theatre. But after a speedy meal and the ever delightful 373, that’s exactly where I found myself. The play was familiar, the venue was familiar, and I even recognised […]

  • One Hung Bitch

    One Hung Bitch

    As every good humanities student knows, phallic symbols can be found in just about anything. Our western society, with its manufactured masculinity, is no stranger to penis extensions (#GunCulture #SkyScrapers #MidLifeCrisisSportsCars). In his solo art show One Hung Bitch, Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran uses no innuendo in his discussion of gender, sexuality, colonialism and power politics. […]

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    After checking out Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, there is no doubt in my mind that my sole ambition in life is to become a fully fledged member of the filmmaker’s inner circle. Screw Vinny Chase; with a group of pals consisting of the likes of Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel and Owen Wilson, you […]

  • Living Room Hypothetical

    “Imagine if you visited an art show at my school and discovered that every single piece of art was about you, and just as you realised how weird it was, all the doors behind you locked and you were trapped.” – S. Chalwell, Living Room Hypothetical. “Imagine if.” Is it possible to contrive such evocative, dangerous, […]