TL;DR: Uni Fee Changes

A photograph of Minister for Education, Dan Tehan. He is wearing a suit with a striped black and white tie, and has one eyebrow raised.

Last week, Arc hosted a panel discussion evening about the Federal government’s proposed university funding changes. The panel was hosted by Chair of the Arc Board Sahana Nandakumar and included President of the National Union of Students Molly Willmott, UNSW Deputy-Vice Chancellor Academic Merlin Crossley and Universities Australia Policy Advisor …

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No More “No Mores”

a photograph of a patchwork quilt, featuring many pattenr in blue, white, black, and grey.

by Maha Rauf Self-discipline is the defining struggle of my life. It is the root, the struggle at the heart of all my struggles. When I look back at the last few years, I can see so clearly a trail of abandoned healthy meal/exercise plans, half-baked study schedules I never …

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Science FACT-ion #3: Time Travel

By Riley Hughes Time travel! Popularised in H.G. Well’s story The Time Machine (1895), time travel has not only become a staple in sci-fi, but in pop culture as a whole. Dramatic movies and TV shows such as About Time (2013) and Outlander (since 2014) use time travel as a …

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