No. 8 Vol. 60 (2014)

Government recruits dolphins to stop the sharks

Matthew Baker [twitname]matthewjbaker07[/twitname] Following proclamations that the boats have been successfully stopped, Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison are heading to Perth this week to solve Australia’s other national maritime crisis – shark attacks. An unnamed government source has told Tharunka that the two will meet with …

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Of Vices and Newspaper Men

Thomas Mitchell [twitname]Thom_Mitchell[/twitname] It’s easy to satirise The Daily Telegraph. The News Corp paper has ceased any pretence of fairness or balance. Screaming headlines during the 2013 election – like the notorious “Kick this mob out”, “Does this guy ever shut up”, and the priceless, and pretty weird, “Hair brained; …

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