No. 8, Vol. 57 (2011)

Opinion: London Riots

While the Australian media has been remarkably quiet on the issue, focusing instead on the supposedly impending economic apocalypse, a peek at a map of London superimposed with the locations of all the riots and their spread tells a story worth hearing. The riots are everywhere, they’re dangerous for ordinary …

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Review: Splendour in the Grass

The sun rises over a foggy mountainside where weary campers awake to dewy pastures and vast blue skies. As the native calls of “SPLENDERR” reverberate around Woodfordia, it can only be one time of the year, Splendour In The Grass. Friday The crowd hazily starts to build in The Mix-Up …

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Janus Face

For the past ten days you have been looking at yourself in the mirror and not just to see if your pants match your blouse or if the colour of your scarf suits your complexion. You stand side on to the mirror that leans hazardously against the only bare wall …

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