No. 6 Vol. 60 (2014)

Bitter waters

Sailing to the edge of the world, I travel with the painter’s daughter We float for miles and miles, over the black and bitter water.   We’re dying every day, but never dead like ghosts trapped in a shell, from where we sit, the world is gray, in this little …

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The Hirst Report: Friends in high places

I have always been one who is reluctant to name-drop my more celebrated company for fear of sounding pretentious. Nevertheless, the witticisms encountered at one recent event prove simply too amusing not to recount. I was invited to a luncheon for all the greatest leaders throughout history. They were all …

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Shortlist #6

When you try your best and you don’t succeed (in avoiding UNSW elections) Election season is upon us again. Expect to see the same group of political hacks, law students, debaters, United Nations fanatics, and a few genuinely earnest types taking over your Facebook newsfeed and postering every exposed inch …

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