No. 11 Vol. 59 (2013)

Rene(e)gades of Funk

Having a conversation with a friend the other day, we both realised that the majority of our friend circles consists of either international students/people from overseas, or people from the country. Without even realising it, we’ve unintentionally gravitated toward non-Sydnesiders. Being from the country is like having a sibling who …

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I have always been extremely anti-baby making. I know it’s good for the continuation of the species and all that but personally, it just didn’t seem like something I would enjoy. Well the making bit maybe… but the consequence of the making? Hell no! My younger brother was always the …

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Tropical Greed at UNSW

Over six hundred UNSW students have protested en masse the decision by the University to shut down the Vietnamese eatery Tropical Green, which has operated at the Roundhouse for almost seven years. Best known for its $4.50 chicken rolls, Tropical Green is due to close at the end of November …

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