the painting 'a view of venice' by thomas moran. it is an oil painting of a Venice canal at sunset, with gondalas on the water and the city in the distance.

by Madeleine Martin Can’t fit Pattern Recognition in my backpack. William Gibson’s 2003 prescient techno-fable follows Cayce Pollard, a marketing consultant and ‘cool-hunter’ with an unbearably useful pathological sensitivity to corporate logos. Cayce is tasked with tracking-down the maker – distributor? – of a series of anonymously published video clips …

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Shape of I

a digital image of the silhouette of a mountain. the background is a gradient of blues and greys.

By Wen Yu Yang It started when I fell from my mother.  I was big, so naturally, the ground took a hard hit. Pebbles screamed and scattered. The ground shrank as far as possible. And there I was. Tall and awkward, an unpleasant presence that was hard to ignore.  As …

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Our Protagonist

a desaturated photograph of a book, open to front and back cover with its pages flared,with a pale blue light emanating from its middle pages.

By Pranika Nayyar The truth was that for the first time in her life, our protagonist simply did not know where she was. Nor did she know the reason for her sudden departure from her world. There would now be a petite, protagonist shaped hole in the previous universe. Curious, …

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A close up of a digital drawing of a blue and white shirt, with yellow flowers along the bust.

By Luis LopezContent warning: substance addiction Sometimes, the air tastes so sweet, like a mouthful of cotton candy. As it rots my teeth I can’t help but think,  I am a child, naive,  allured by simple pleasures. If I could, I would, sacrifice this confection  for something more nourishing. But …

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a drawing of a lily flower in black on a pale pink background

By Phoebe Au Wilted like blackened fingerprints on lilly skin and all that remains Sixteen and restless Did it matter? Where your words paused and mine began? What dreams did fill our hearts when all we’d do was lie awake at dusk. Don’t Let the sun go down. I’m a …

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