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  • SRC President’s Report: Influence

    SRC President’s Report: Influence

    By Manu Risoldi Hey UNSW,  What a whirlwind T1 its been! At times like this its incredibly important to check in with your friends and family. Social distancing does not mean we cannot be social. Arc is running many initiatives to keep us socialising over Facebook and Zoom. Our collectives are also working on ways…

  • Editorial Addresses: Influence

    Editorial Addresses: Influence

    Henry Chen, Editor-in-Chief: Hey there and welcome to Influence! In this issue of Tharunka, we consider where power lies in the world. Notwithstanding the disruption that COVID-19 has caused to our lives, Tharunka is forging on ahead to bring you a diverse range of student ideas, arguments and reflections for the quiet days ahead. In…

  • Lights


    Photograph taken by Batool Aljfri Batool Aljfri is an aspiring photographer and a writing enthusiast currently studying Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW to turn her hobby for photography into a professional career. Mostly importantly, she is trying to explore the possibilities of life and break old habits through creativity and research.

  • #Me#You


    Illustrated by Jelena Xu Jelena is a first year design and media student. She enjoys learning new things especially about art and design. A fun fact is she often doesn’t know what she is doing half the time.

  • Pastoral Leases and the Australian Landscape

    Pastoral Leases and the Australian Landscape

    By Claire Angelica In the 1800s, the British Crown was faced with the problem of governing a surge in squatting in Australia. Squatters were settlers who squatted in what was called the Crown’s “waste lands” (which meant outside the colony boundaries). They would graze cattle and sheep and with the growing wool industry, squatting became…

  • Space: The Next Frontier

    Space: The Next Frontier

    By Jordan Barnes The news cycle at the start of this new decade has undoubtedly been dominated by very earthly concerns: the spread of COVID-19, the US Democratic Primary race, Lady Gaga releasing ‘Stupid Love’, etc, etc. However, what has largely escaped media scrutiny as a result is a profound development in one of the…