So, ‘Freedom’, What Is It?

Illustrated by Wen Yu Yang Wen is a first-year Commerce student from the Island of Bubble Milk Tea, Taiwan. When she’s not writing, she can be found on volleyball courts, by the sea, or wandering in worlds of magic, faeries, and dragons.

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Illustrated by Jiashi Li Remember that artsy girl in middle school that  is super into anime, thinks she’s a cat and wears all black? Well, it wasn’t a phase. Although studying marketing requires one to communicate ideas to the public, she prefers hiding in her den and express between the …

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A photograph of a piece of brocade frabric, which is black with small purple flowers. The fabric is scrunched in the centre, but otherwise flat.

by Wen Yu Yang Content warning: emotional abuse The consequence of Shae surviving the car crash is the permanent absence of her parents. Out of obligation rather than love or pity, her Auntie Hua takes her in. Auntie Hua, distant relative, poor and out of luck, is already a single …

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A photograph of an orange lily flower next to a window frame.

by Phoebe Au Soft, frail and pretty, she lies there, wilting behind my father's window. She was in bloom once, plucked from a lush green meadow, severed from her roots. Leaves, like green wings, clipped. Her cries, hastily stifled. Stems, violently snapped. Unable to speak. A windowsill ornament, unable to …

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